The Real Estate landscape and its marketing are changing.

Clients no longer care about big national brands, they care about local experts and who you are as a Realtor®. Putting your brand first is more important than ever and we think you would flourish with your own brand, which is what we promote here at Reliance. We are one of the fastest-growing brokerages built on top-tier professional agents that have their own unique brand. 

You can call our model whatever you like – “the ad agency brokerage” or “personal brand specialists” – we just aim to help you, brand apart. We’re the first agent-centric brokerage with the chops to back up the claims we make by making your brand, our priority. 

So If it’s your business, why not get the credit instead of the company? Let’s put a stop to paying for costs you don’t need and put your name and business first. We always have someone available if you are interested in joining Reliance, simply contact us when you’re ready!